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Publié sur dans “Causes et intérêts sociaux, Politique”, langue – English. 28 pages.
Due to increased awareness, physicians are encouraging patients to test for radon levels in their homes. Since the public views physicians as advisers on health & prevention of disease, physicians are in a unique position to inform patients about the serious risk of radon, and to educate their patients about testing for radon levels, thereby helping to reduce the number of lung cancer deaths. This issue provides insight as to what physicians around the world are doing regarding this deadly gas. Plus
Citizens For Radioactive Radon Reduction is a 501 C3 nonprofit organization with a mission of radon reduction advocacy and mentoring in the understanding of increased lung cancer risk due to exposure of radioactive radon gas in order to reduce radon exposure and help prevent radon-induced lung cancer. Our Publication provides awareness and advocacy news regarding the initiatives to address the testing, mitigation, certification training, events and legislation. Plus
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