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Flashmag Digizine Edition

Issue 109 September 2020

Publié sur dans “Urbain, Mode”, langue – English. 192 pages.
Top Flash: Music - Manuel Wandji - Interview - Wambo - New Artists: Abi Ocia - Lea Mame - Cleo Sol - Editorial: Genetic Engineering & Society - Fashion: Mylena Ka - Gavin Rajah - Visual Arts: Ife Arts - Book of the Month: Namina Forna The Gilded One - Cinemag: Chadwick Boseman - Made in Bangladesh- Fatima - Still Here - Eight Hundred- Sciences : Ultra sound Surgery Economy: Botswana- AfroZiq: African & Creole Hits - Magstory: Fouda & Siriane - Society: Love and Racism Plus
Flashmag is a Vanguard Magazine publishing in French and English, it focuses on News, Leisure, Technology, and Society. With a persuasive content on Arts & Entertainment, Editorials, Documentaries, Interviews, and General News related to current topics, feature journal Flashmag take its readers to the reality of what make News today, with the ambition to print in peoples mind stories which will tell them more, and upscale the acknowledgement of their surrounding. Plus
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