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girltank magazine

Inaugural Issue Summer/Fall 2014

Publié sur dans “Business, Causes & Social Interests”, langue – English. 24 pages.
In this issue: …A slum girl stands up for the education of girls in her community …Social innovators talk on video about failure, plus resources on how to cope …Top innovation in education around the world …Indigenous Chilean fashions at NYC Fashion Week …Best tips on how to attract angel investors And more! girltank magazine is the ONLY magazine that focuses exclusively on empowering female changemakers, social innovators and social entrepreneurs from around the world. Plus
For Budding Social Entrepreneurs, Innovative Socially-Conscious Companies and People with Big Ideas Who Want to Change the World. girltank magazine showcases stories of awesome female changemakers and social entrepreneurs globally, gives practical business tips and resources to early-stage entrepreneurs and shares innovative ideas and solutions to the world’s biggest social problems. We are fueling a female-led social movement today. Join us today! I Plus

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