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O Canada - Maple Leaf Edition

Publié sur dans “Éducation, Local et régional”, langue – English. 82 pages.
Canada is a nation of persistence. We are not defined by a single success, but by the hundreds of drafts in pursuit of perfection. We are not the product of the individual that leads but of the sum total of parts working together to pave our way forward. We are families forever ready to lend a hand...communities of neighbours with enough room at the table for one more. This is our Canada. Plus
Are you an artist? Or are you a scientist? Contrary to conventional thinking, none of us are all of one and none of the other. Each of us are unique and varied mixes of skills and expressive inclinations. Personally, I like to think that I am a healthy blend of both. I love math. I love art. I certainly hope that you do too! Plus
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