NU is targeted professional buyers and published four times a year: Twice before the international trade fair season in June and twice before the Copenhagen Fashion Week in July.

modebranchen.NU NU_CFW_AW20-21_WEB_KIDS_lille
NU_CFW_AW20-21_WEB WOMAN_lille
modebranchen.NU NU_CFW_AW20-21_WEB WOMAN_lille
NU International Januar 2020 Interior
modebranchen.NU NU International Januar 2020 Interior
Til Joomag_CFW_SS20_WEB_lille
modebranchen.NU Til Joomag_CFW_SS20_WEB_lille
NU International June 2019
modebranchen.NU NU International June 2019
modebranchen.NU WEB_NU_CFW_ISSUE_NO2
NU International no. 01 2019
modebranchen.NU NU International no. 01 2019
modebranchen.NU NU_SS19_CFW
NU International June 2018
modebranchen.NU NU International June 2018
NU buyer's magazine, Dec. '17/Jan. '18
modebranchen.NU NU buyer's magazine, Dec. '17/Jan. '18
no. 3 / August 2017
modebranchen.NU no. 3 / August 2017
no. 2 / June 2017
modebranchen.NU no. 2 / June 2017