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Naturally Unnatural

Issue #8 17th June 2017

Publié sur dans “Politique”, langue – English. 8 pages.
We look at the GE2017 and the Grenfell Tower block fire tragedy but also included in this issue is highlighting Theresa May’s manifesto promises of censorship of the internet. Since the election, she has placed Michael Gove as Environment Minister and we explain why this is a concern. We briefly look at how the election was gamble that backfired and the history of the DUP after the Conservatives look to them for a majority in parliament. Plus
There is growing concern over biased media and scaremongering within mainstream media, Naturally Unnatural aims to provide a more clinical approach to news and providing the public with factually accurate stories. However, there will be some opinion and it is up to you to decide whether the facts back up the opinion presented. Plus

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