Parvati Magazine March 2014 - Charm Cliquez pour lire
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Parvati Magazine

March 2014 - Charm

Publié sur dans “Lifestyle, Lifestyle”, langue – English. 38 pages.
Welcome to the March 2014 edition of Parvati Magazine. Many of us seek a little magic in our lives, whether it be in something that adds sparkle to our wardrobe, or in the toe-tingling connection we have with someone who brightens our day, or in the zest we hope to embody that helps us to win others over. In this issue, you will read about the power of charm in spiritual, fitness and wellness journeys, the history of charm jewellery, the magic in Frozen and in The Mists of Avalon, and more. Plus
Parvati Magazine is an online monthly magazine dedicated to awakened living. The name of the magazine is not about an individual person but a celebration of the goddess Parvati in Her incarnation as the awakened Earth. Parvati Magazine is managed and written by volunteers who give their time and talent to help build a regular source of information and inspiration, whether through personal development, spiritual practice, engaged activism or simply some fresh perspectives on current culture. Plus