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Wedding Digest Philippines

Luxe For Less Edition

Publié sur dans “Bridal & Weddings, Bridal & Weddings”, langue – English. 358 pages.
One of our most popular themes is about getting your money's worth: SAVING ON A WEDDING. For this edition. we are tweaking this all-time favorite to: LUXE FOR LESS. Get your money's worth in a luxurious way.... A toast to yesterday, today and to FOREVER! May the next pages turn your dreams into a happily ever after!!! Plus
Wedding Digest was launch in 2004. The magazine’s concept is to provide brides at all levels with a compact and easy to carry magazine with full of information and articles that they can use as a reference for there wedding planning. A very excellent resource of wedding planning information, it contains very useful and up-to-date advice and tips for contemporary and current trends in weddings and its industry. It also contains a comprehensive listing of leading wedding suppliers and service.... Plus

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