Are you an artist? Or are you a scientist? Contrary to conventional thinking, none of us are all of one and none of the other. Each of us are unique and varied mixes of skills and expressive inclinations. Personally, I like to think that I am a healthy blend of both. I love math. I love art. I certainly hope that you do too!

Discovering DNA
INSpiREzine Discovering DNA
Colours of the World
INSpiREzine Colours of the World
Making Waves
INSpiREzine Making Waves
O Canada - Maple Leaf Edition
INSpiREzine O Canada - Maple Leaf Edition
Germs Gone Viral!
INSpiREzine Germs Gone Viral!
INSpiREzine Mandalas!
INSpiREzine Stars!
INSpiREzine Tangrams!
INSpiREzine Tessellations!