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Publicado no e em "Literatura, Design", idioma — English. 53 páginas.
Poems about life, memories, and feelings. This volume is about what one soul lives, different experiences, and somehow all the same, unique. It is a story about love, a childish concept, maybe a cliche. But a cliche came from reality, people are like that, for the best or not. This story is about life saw from someone's perspective and mixed with something unreal. I will let you figure out the question: What is real and what is fiction. Mais
”One” was at the end and ”one” at the beginning. As it keeps you waiting, the story takes place over time, in rhymes, in love, and in two. You will see. Life is one and all as everything is with all. But we are more than these real beliefs, Because we create them with the simplest things. Because I love papers, envelops, and pens, And they make me feel the person I am... This ink is what makes me right now think... I was born a writer because... I am TGBTR Mais
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