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Welcome to the VNB magazine April 2016 issue

Опубликовано в "Стиль жизни", язык - English. 64 страниц.
VNB magazine issue 26. Our cover model is the beautiful Zi Xuan Yi. The feature model in this issue are Michelle Lim, Nana Lee, and Jenni Latte. They are young, pretty and passion about their modeling career. They can't wait to show case their work to the VNB reader. Our feature story in this issue are Why Howard Shultz is so successful, Choosing the right glasses to fit your face shape at iLOOK, Delichina-Experiencing traditional Miao cuisine in NYC, review of Cutting Board.... Еще
VNB Magazine is the first and only Asian glamour magazine that is devoted to discover and celebrate beauty in New York City. VNB's editorial covers multiple works of models, photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers that want to reveal the glamour, exquisiteness, and style of the splendor to the world. Еще
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