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African Mining

February 2020

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Mineral exploration is a risky business. Investors put their money into something that they cannot see or touch. Today, the only remaining high quality ore bodies are located in remote regions of developing economies. Apart from the uncertainty about reserves, quality and grade, these investors also need to weight up the risks of investing in developing countries often located in fragile regions of the world. Еще
Running with the bulls The mining industry is slowly shaking off the super-boom hangover. Although still in a slumber, the worst headache seems to be over. Despite a number of highs and lows, 2016 has been a good year for commodities. In fact, by mid-2016 a number of prices — with gold leading the charge — were on the brink of entering a bull run (a 20% increase from previous lows). Since then the gold price has remained stable, and although some raw materials have lost its lustre Еще
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