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Airsoft Action

03 - Dec 2011

Опубликовано в "На открытом воздухе", язык - English. 92 страниц.
Climbing onto soapboxes isn’t a regular hobby of mine but something has been bugging me recently and I need to get it off my chest. It is of course that wonderful piece of legislation, The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 (VCRA) and the confusion surrounding it. The VCRA, so far as I am aware, is the only piece of UK legislation that has passed through Parliament and into British law that directly impacts airsoft. The VCRA makes it an offence to manufacture, create (from an imitation fi rearm) Еще
The UK's BIGGEST Airsoft magazine! Owned, written and published by people passionate about Airsoft. Kit, gear, guns, news, reviews, reports and competitions... If it's in airsoft, it's in Airsoft Action! Еще
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