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AJAAUCOAO Subsidiary Volume Five

Опубликовано в "Политика, Политика", язык - English. 93 страниц.
A-IPNA: The One-Party Political Revolution. AL’JIHAD: THE HOLY-WAR-STRUGGLE OF ISLAM TRIUMPH OVER ALL RELIGIONS. United States of America and flag transition from the evil devil nation to the new salvation nation Flag as AJAAUCOAO Islam Native Descendant Indians American Nation (INDIAN) or AJAAUCOAO INDIAN (AI). For, the transition of the United States of America will be under AJAAUCOAO INDIAN flag. AJAAUCOAO Ancient Yet New World Order Flag. AJAAUCOAO Replacement of USA Flag. The Prelude Еще
Download the most powerful Book and Motion Picture / Film ever published in United States of America. It is the Science on how to implement "Revolution For Salvation" in your Community. Еще
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