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ECHOES News Jan 2018_Web

Опубликовано в "Религия и духовные практики", язык - English. 4 страниц.
They are behind-the-scenes AND can be quite noisy. They prevent problems AND they solve problems. Most importantly, they keep our campers safe, our ongoing maintenance up to date, and our grounds beautiful. They are Alpine’s facilities crew, and they truly are the “Keepers of Alpine.” Еще
For 60 years the community of Alpine and its supporters have gone through a lot together. The ups and downs and ins and outs of doing ministry together in a lost and needy world require constant communication. The Alpine Echoes is one means of keeping that communication meaningful and current. You are receiving this because at some point you became involved in the mission of providing a mountaintop encounter with Jesus Christ through Christian camping. When a campers experiences either a moment Еще

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