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Animal Wellness Magazine

Feb/Mar 2013

Опубликовано в "Домашние животные, Домашние животные", язык - English. 100 страниц.
Brain Food: How his diet can impact behavior and intelligence, High-Tech Healthcare: When is it viable?, Canine Calming Signals, It's Mine! What to do for dogs who protect their food and toys, Pros and Cons of Invisible Fencing, Top Dogs for landing a Hot Date, Food as Medicine: The role it plays in cancer, Victoria Stilwell - TV's favorite gentle trainer shares her secrets to housetraining Еще
Animal Wellness is North America’s top natural health and lifestyle magazine for dogs and cats, with a readership of over one million per year. AW features articles by some of the most renowned experts in the pet industry with topics ranging from diet and health related issues to training, fitness and emotional well being as well as new product features and Holiday Gift guides. Еще
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Тэги : holistic · pets · canine · dog · cat · feline · natural health · animal wellness
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