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Asian Geographic

Issue 02/2018 (130)

Опубликовано в "Этническая культура", язык - English. 116 страниц.
What is tradition? In this issue, we look at how a people’s loving protection and willing maintenance of ancient observances allow rituals like fire wars to survive the generations, and revive fading subcultures – like Thailand’s forest wizards – from the brink of extinction. Yet this era’s predominant theme seems encapsulated by the underdog tribe’s failure to resist bartering unique customs for a share in progress, meaning unusual ways of life, like monkey hunting and corpse care. Еще
Asian Geographic scours the region to bring readers the most compelling stories and images from the world's largest and most diverse continent. Enjoy a unique melting pot of breathtaking photography and in-depth features covering culture, nature, sustainability issues and exploration into the history of this diverse region. A regular 'Exploration' segment follows brave field editors as they travel deep into Asia's unexplored regions to take readers on a journey. Еще
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Тэги : tradition · rituals · ancient · lives
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