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Battling BARE's Teal Star: The #PTSD Magazine

Volume 2

Опубликовано в "Общество", язык - English. 38 страниц.
Bobby Henline: Humor, Healing and Handling Those Times When Even Your Skin Feels Wrong Your Grass is Green and Your Story Matters Peaceful Warrior Teens, Trauma & Depression Kids and PTSD Еще
A healing and support resource for anyone dealing with or supporting/loving someone with PTSD focusing especially on traditional and non-traditional healing methods with a special focus on Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines), Combat and Noncombat Veterans, Emergency Response Personnel /First Responders, Military Sexual Assault Survivors, Military/Veteran/Emergency Response Spouses and children/teenagers of Military, Veterans and First Responders. Еще
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