Black Label Magazine Issue #9: The Inked Beauties Issue

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Black Label Magazine

Issue #9: The Inked Beauties Issue

Опубликовано в "Для взрослых, Фотография", язык - English. 140 страниц.
The Inked Beauties Issue is just that: 8 Pictorials of 9 gorgeous tattooed models. This spectacular nude art issue features: Shelby Mason Ivizia Dakini Sandria Dore Toxic Brodie Grody Una Solitaire Tana the Tattooed Lady and Theresa Manchester Issue #9 is 136 pages of nude inked models, complete with interviews about their tattoos and modeling careers. Also included in the purchase is a sexy nude striptease video with Tana the Tattooed Lady! Еще
Black Label Magazine is about the indulgence of hedonism, the embrace of sensuality, and the appreciation of opulent beauty. We believe nudity is not taboo, that the female form is one of nature’s finest creations, and that it should not be shamed or hidden away. We will show you some of the most beautiful and innovative lingerie designs from all over the world, worn by stunning models from all walks of life. Be sure to visit for even more gorgeous photography Еще
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