Bou Zi 2016-2017

Dear LPC Community, We are proud (yes, we do think we are proud) to present to you the first of many Bou Zi issues for the year 2016-2017. Having come up fresh from First Year Summer, bewildered, bemused and more than slightly scared for Second Year as leaders of Bou Zi- we are incredibly thankful for Wendy’s unfailing guidance and support by taking over as our Staff Supervisor. It is an exciting year for us, with many new additions and new challenges (such as going print!), hence the the

10 Lok Wo Sha Lane
Bou Zi 2016-2017 10 Lok Wo Sha Lane
Fear of the Cock!
Bou Zi 2016-2017 Fear of the Cock!
Winter Quickie
Bou Zi 2016-2017 Winter Quickie
Trumpkin-Spice and Everything Rice
Bou Zi 2016-2017 Trumpkin-Spice and Everything Rice
Diving Into the Deep End
Bou Zi 2016-2017 Diving Into the Deep End