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February 2014 - Valentine's Day Special

Опубликовано в "Стиль жизни, Еда и кулинария", язык - English. 104 страниц.
We're reaching out faster than we thought, with the last issue too raking in over 100,000 reads, which sounds like we ought to be aiming at a million plus in the course of the coming year. Keep your fingers crossed folks. You'll find this issue to include recipes from international chefs, which brings in a new level of education for us in terms of exposure to different cultures. We also have an awesome chef and person in Ranveer Brar, from Boston, USA who kindly consented to answer our readers' Еще
CaLDRON is India's only complete F&B magazine. CaLDRON brings to you interviews, recipes, opinions, restaurant reviews, property reviews, cocktails, photo features, columns, listings and much more. Еще
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