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Carmudi Monthly


Опубликовано в "Автомобильный, Автомобильный", язык - English. 46 страниц.
Our February - March 2018 issue showcases two of Hyundai’s latest editions the Creta and the Ioniq, and put the vehicles under spotlight evaluating their pros and cons. We also review the vintage Mercedes S Coup 1968 in all its majesty. However, the showstopper of this edition is the L. A. Autoshow 2017. Еще's very own monthly magazine which looks at the Sri Lankan Automotive world. The magazine brings together unique, original content that we hope you find informative and enjoy. Inside you’ll find news, reviews and reports on the market which were designed to give key market insights as well as provide you with useful information for driving in Sri Lanka. The platform we’ve used allows you to interact with the magazine, letting you provide feedback and access more info in just a click Еще
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