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Classics Magazine

Volume No. 1

Опубликовано в "Искусство, Фотография", язык - English. 164 страниц.
Volume #1 Features cinematic storytelling showcasing the most talented artists. Island hopping with ARTURO BAMBOO's "Summer Diary." NEIL KRYSZAK Visuals from the other side, LA nights. GRANT SPANIER Highlights from the Drive Thru Social Club series. GLASHIER Pretty Youth: A cinematic adaptation in stills on 35mm. IAN HOWORTH scenes from Arcadia. BERBER THEUNISSEN "ATOMIC PUNK" A trip west in search of “the other.” ARNAUD MONTAGARD from Tokyo to Brooklyn via France. Plus more visuals & high art. Еще
Classics is a Miami Beach based fine art print & digital magazine like you’ve never seen before. Featuring artists worldwide, from film & digital mediums with an avant-garde vision. A place where high visuals, artistic photography & nostalgia combine. The ultimate in cinematic storytelling. Showcasing the most talented photographers & models who collaborate to create timeless moods. We take over, where Hollywood left off. Every frame counts. Еще
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