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Club Penguin Metro Chronicle

Issue 8

Опубликовано в "Игры, Игры", язык - English. 10 страниц.
IN THIS ISSUE: - Our magazine is 10 pages long! -Random pun (I made it myself!) -New Penguin Style Catalog Cheats! -The count begins! -Other brief news (including the return of clones)! Еще
Did you know that Club Penguin Metro Chronicle was the FIRST EVER weekly Club Penguin Magazine? (excluding the official Club Penguin Magazine) Hey, this is your friendly Club Penguin weekly magazine! News based on Club Penguin Island AND Club Penguin Rewritten! Every week, we publish the tastiest Club Penguin news summary and put them in here, with the most significant events at the front page! Enjoy! Don't forget to visit for more details! - St Ransor Еще
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