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Consumer Bankruptcy Journal

Spring 2017

Опубликовано в "Политика, Политика", язык - English. 50 страниц.
Inside This Issue: Trump is Right: Student Loan Debt an 'albatross' on families, young people, Counseling Bankruptcy Clients About Guilt & Debt, Technology Inner Sanctum, Navigating the Late Tax Return Problem in Tax Discharge Cases, Basics for Non-Bankruptcy Litigation Lawyers, What to Expect from Justice-To-Be Gorsuch on Bankruptcy, Why Are Lawyers So Afraid to Ask for Help, 4 Ways Attorneys Can Connect with Today’s Legal Consumers, BAP Takes Realistic Approach to Undue Hardship Analysis Еще
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Тэги : litigation · lawyer · bankruptcy · consumer · tax · scotus · potus · student debt

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