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cult of self magazine

issue #3

Опубликовано в "Альтернативный, Город", язык - English. 50 страниц.
-- Sebastian Errazuriz’ - Customized Vintage Motorcycle -- -- The Full 20-minute doccie about the DIY skatepark in Bolivia -- -- MEET ‘DENNY’- The Bike of the Future -- -- Win a Professional Photo Shoot -- -- Win a 100% Agave tequila surfboard -- Еще
Cult of Self is a celebration of individuality and authenticity. Focussing on various street sub-cultures, Cult of Self is an ongoing activation that aims to cultivate conversation around the idea of ‘self’ and promote the individuals, groups and initiatives that encourage self-awareness. Tattoos, Street-culture, skateboarding, Cafe-racers, fixies, bicycles , boards and more... Еще
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