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Опубликовано в "Мода, Обувь", язык - English. 92 страниц.
The era of close monitoring of everyone who allows to watch out themselves — is merciless. Everyone knows all and sees everything. The world is ruled by Asia and heritage, which, fortunately, we got from it. So much that we said today, it was said yesterday: multi-layered in the summer season, the symbiosis is light and heavy fabrics. Perfect cut, texture and color - Asia is organically in its splendor and is uncompromising with you. Еще
This is catalogue DOKUCHAEVA spring-summer collection 2018 For the designer of brand is important not to burden the created clothing with legends and personal biography. DOKUCHAEVA - is primarily just outfit. Things, the main purpose of which is to make wow-effect and move the person into center of attention forever. The main task of a fan of the brand - consistent with the chosen costume, to maintain the status, create a common legend. Еще
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