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Estate Living Magazine

#liveyourbestlife - Issue 46 December 2019

Опубликовано в "Недвижимость, Недвижимость", язык - English. 68 страниц.
There is a theory that the expansion of the universe is accelerating, and that the rotation of the earth is speeding up. If that’s true, it means that time is going quicker, and it certainly seems as if it is. It seems like only yesterday that we were singing ‘Auld lang syne’, and now 2019 is pretty much all over bar the shouting. Here’s to a joyful festive season – a time of relaxation, friends, family and fun – and an awesomely fantastic, productive, effective and super-fun 2020. Еще
Estate Living printed Magazine is distributed into 80 Estates across South Africa, monthly. This coffee-table styled glossy magazine offers in-depth reviews of some of the most beautiful property in the country, coupled with relevant and engaging content on all aspects of estate life. Supporting the printed publications is the Estate Living E’mag. Subscribed to by estate management on behalf of their community. Еще
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