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Issue 102

Опубликовано в "Мода", язык - English. 31 страниц.
Beauty.Coach Corner.Fashion.Fitness.Health In this issue we catch up with 2013 Top Model Wordwide winner in knowing what she has been up to. Our beauticians try colorfull stuff on skin, squats are actually as helpful to our health as failing in a task is as helpful to our personal growth and many more Еще
Beauty I Coach Corner I Fitness I Fashion I Feature Story I Health I On this issue we explore the value of failing on the Coach's corner, we look at how color looks on various skin tones at the beauty level, fashion wise, we focused more on bright colors on a brown skin girl, with a special feature story on the fonder of Eve Elevate Magazine, 2013 Top Model worldwide winner Everline Aboka, to see what she has been up and hello, who thought that "cereal and water" are thing? Еще
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Тэги : fashion · beauty · health · coaching · story · fitness · model · author · motivation · feauture