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everyday ADDvice

February / March 2017 - Issue 3

Опубликовано в "Семья и воспитание, Дети", язык - English. 40 страниц.
Happy New Year from the entire staff at everyday ADDvice! Thank you for your continued support and we wish each and every one of you a successful 2017. Еще
everyday ADDvice is a team of paediatricians, naturopaths, clinical and holistic nutritionists, mental health nurses, clinical psychologists, education specialists, ADHD coaches, yoga therapists and registered clinical counsellors trying to provide Canadians with an immeasurable amount of information and resources on ADHD. Our passion is fierce and our objective it to help Canadians from the furthest corner of the Maritimes to the tip of British Columbia … and beyond. Еще
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