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Farming Monthly National

August 2016

Опубликовано в "Бизнес, Бизнес", язык - English. 68 страниц.
ISSN 2044-0200 Inside this month: On Topic – Robots emerging as agricultural co-workers, Arable – Pioneering SPot farm hosts share new innovations, Muck & Slurry – Grassland & Muck 2017: The key to boosting farm efficiencies, Spraying - The importance of sprayer testing, Glamping - How to diversify into Glamping, Animal Health - It's all in the genes: New research reveals why some chickens are resistant to bird flu, PLUS: Tillage, Livestock, Energy, Buildings, Machinery, ATV, Motors & much more Еще
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Тэги : farming · machinery · glamping · agriculture · motors · livestock · 4x4 · quads · atv

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