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Fete Lifestyle Magazine

January 2017 New Beginnings Issue

Опубликовано в "Этническая культура, Стиль жизни", язык - English. 70 страниц.
FLM kicks off o first issue of 2017 with tips on how to start a new. You'll find advice from financial expert and bestselling author Nicole Lapin, on how to attain your financial goals. We have great tips on getting your body mind, & life into shape, beauty tips galore and what we need to do to have peace on earth. If you're headed to the Sundance Film festival, learn how to navigate your way through town and score tickets to great movies. We recap our holiday celebration and other celebrations. Еще
Fete Lifestyle Magazine features a global view on food, fashion, beauty, sports, personalities, events, travel and entertainment. We aim to provide our readers with relevant information on all cultural levels that resonates and inspires. The Fete Lifestyle is characterized as innovative, creative, flexible and informative. Еще
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