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Vol. 4: Issue 1, Summer 2019

Опубликовано в "Литература, Искусство", язык - English. 91 страниц.
The experience of editing this journal was truly one of the best experiences anyone could have. Literature is filled with so much beauty and color that we as readers get absorbed into the voices leading us in the narratives. And the words on the pages make us feel. Whether it's happiness, sadness, or anger, it's all beauty. The best part of literature is that it speaks to us unlike anyone else. So we are welcoming you - the reader, adventurist, creator - to this year's issue of Flumes. Еще
An online literary journal based in the Yuba Sutter county. Flumes publishes original works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction as well as visual art and photography. Еще
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