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Fragrance Notes

Issue 3, 2018

Опубликовано в "Красота, Тренды", язык - English. 36 страниц.
Explore Fragrance Creators' biggest results for 2018; meet global scent hunter Karen Manheimer of Kerry; glimpse a day in the live of home and laundry care perfumer Gary Marr of Firmenich, Inc., and much more! Еще
Fragrance Notes is the fragrance industry's magazine of record. It' is our industry's newsletter reimagined. We understand that documents and emails can efficiently deliver news and information, but magazines - like fragrance - bring greater connection and vibrancy to communication. Fragrance Notes is our way of building greater connection with you, our members – keepers of the fragrance industry – and our stakeholders and friends. It is also our way of representing the creativity, innovation Еще

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