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Future EU Sustainable World


Опубликовано в "Образование, Образование", язык - English. 48 страниц.
The objectives of the project are: to improve the quality of school curricula that encourage sustainable behaviour on consumption of natural resources through educational activities in partner schools of the project, to increase the skills of ICT teachers and pupils, to improve language skills and to extend the intercultural dimension, to empower and raise awareness in the project on the need to approach the human-nature relationship based on conservation and protection. Еще
The project - "FuturEU - Sustainable World" (2017 - 2019) is a KA2 project with Spain as the coordinating country, and Romania, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey as partner countries. The project is aimed at students aged 14-19 years and has as theme the unsustainable consumption, climate change and environmental protection. The theme of the project came from the need to raise students' awareness of sustainable consumption for the future of next generations. Еще
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