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GAMbIT Magazine

Issue #11 May 2015

Опубликовано в "Игры, Игры", язык - English. 44 страниц.
May is upon and we take a look at two of the most profile releases. On the video game front we check out Mortal Kombat X (our cover feature) and see if the Klassic game can continue to kick butt. We also review what very well might be the biggest movie of the year, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Join us for 40+ pages of content without any ads! Еще GAMbIT stands for - Games entertAinment Movies televIsion and Technology. We strive to bring our readers the very best news, reviews, opinion pieces and stories that will keep you coming back for more. Our writers come from a diverse pool with former and current writers from and for such publications as RetroJunk, Yahoo Voices, Yahoo US News, Geeked Out Nation, several independent zines and a published book or two under their collective belts. Еще
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