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Garden & Greenhouse

January-February 2019

Опубликовано в "Садоводство", язык - English. 48 страниц.
The Cover Story Discusses how True Liberty Bags is now offering more versatility and a new position in the market plus feature articles on Organic Hydroponics, Understanding Natural Pesticides, Deep Cleaning the Greenhouse, Gardening in January No Matter Where You Live, Presoaking Inert Media for Orchids, A Monthly Plant Propagation Calendar, Ponytail Palm as a Greenhouse Plant, Planting Instructions for Trees & Shrubs, 5 Reasons Houseplants Die, Actively Aerated Compost Tea & More! Еще
Garden & Greenhouse is published monthly and distributed nationally to over 11,000 readers each issue. Over 5,700 copies are mailed directly to subscribers who are primarily hobbyists, small commercial growers and hydroponic & indoor gardeners that have requested the magazine. Plus over 5,000 additional newsstand copies are distributed to hydroponic & indoor gardening retail stores. Еще

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