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Grozine Cultivation Tech & Lifestyles Mag

Issue 12

Опубликовано в "Садоводство, Хобби", язык - English. 76 страниц.
| Tincture How-To | unlock the natural and safe healing powers from common garden plants at home or as a business | Legal Moonshine | See and meet the real Beam brothers in a first hand tour of a legally operated Moonshine Distillery | Hydroponic Reservoir MGMT | get the most out of your hydroponics reservoir, expert secrets revealed by a 30 yr commercial grower and hydro-garden mfg | Reusing Soilless Mediums | everything youi need to know to do it successfully, over and over... | MORE Еще
Soilless, hydroponics and sustainable food & neutraceutical cultivation, from the back yard to the greenhouse or under lights indoors. Leading experts, grow tips, tons of original and inspiring photos. The latest growing management practices, gardening systems, trends and leading edge technologies are found here; always delivered with solid advice you can put to work in any garden right away, especially yours. For growers, by growers: Fun, Informative & Thought Provoking-Check Us. Еще