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Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine

VOL 40, No. 1 WINTER 2016

Опубликовано в "На открытом воздухе", язык - English. 36 страниц.
WINTER 2016 (JAN-MAR): Features, Departments, 3 Months of Wells Daily Fishing Forecast, Daily Tides, Advance Planning Calenders - West, North, and Florida Gulf Coast Daily Fishing Calendars, Astronomical Data. Mobile's Winter Trout, Tiny Nibbles, BIG Action! Cool Down Baits for Slow Down Patterns; Surf-n-Turf in Alabama; Three Kayaking Tips for Winter; Tuna Candy; Fish Revenge, and more... Еще
Gulf Coast Fisherman is published quarterly for the bay and offshore fishermen of the Gulf states. In addition to features and departments, each issue contains three months of the Wells Daily Fishing Forecast and Monthly Fishing Calendars for the entire Gulf Coast - both are exclusive to Gulf Coast Fisherman magazine. The Wells Daily Fishing Forecast has been published since 1957 and is used by thousands of fishermen on the Gulf Coast to plan their fishing trips in advance. Еще
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