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Impact Detroit Magazine

Impact Detroit Magazine 2014

Опубликовано в "Знаменитости и сплетни", язык - English. 28 страниц.
Congratulations! Devita Davison for receiving the Toyota Standing Ovation Award. Thank you for allowing your vision to come to past. Thank you also for contributing to the growth and the revitalization of Detroit MI. Because you followed your dream you have brought change to Detroit. I think it’s people like yourself who are willing and obedient to accept the call to bring change are very strong leaders. Еще
As you flip through the pages of our June/July issue which Roland Martin covers, you will find articles and stories which will inspire you! Remember this is the primary goal for Impact Detroit Magazine, to inspire. You’ll discover some charming facts about Roland Martin, meet the school principal and students of First Lady Michelle Obama’s former elementary school. Еще
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