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Indian Politics & Policy

Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2019

Опубликовано в "Политика, Политика", язык - English. 92 страниц.
The third issue of the journal is composed of three articles and a review essay.Two of the articles deal with aspects of Indian domestic politics, while the third is focused on India’s bilateral relations with one of its most important neighbors, Bangladesh. The review essay is based on Srinath Raghavan’s book, TheMost Dangerous Place, a panoramic account of US–India relations. Nitasha Kaul’s article, “The Political Project of Postcolonial Neoliberal Nationalism” focuses on the success of right Еще
The second issue of Indian Politics and Policy has three articles on diverse subjects and a review essay focused on three books dealing with various aspects of contemporary Indian politics and political economy. The first article, by Devin T. Hagerty, explains India’s lack of a robust response to Pakistan’s repeated and persistent provocations. Hagerty argues that while three factors best account for Indian restraint, the mutual possession of nuclear weapons constitutes the most compelling Еще

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