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Infinite Mischief Cosplays


Опубликовано в "Искусство, Фотография", язык - English. 49 страниц.
An inside look at Infinite Mischief Cosplays first three years of cosplay and what's to come! This magazine will explain where to find costumes and how to make them yourself at an affordable price! Infinite Mischief takes you on their journey sharing stories about what makes them so "mischievous" and guides you through a world of cosplaying and reveals tips on how to capture the perfect picture in costume. Еще
Started back in 2014 Infinite Mischief Cosplays is a small town cosplay group formed by Nicholas Cooper, Bailey Lomas, Laura Dougherty, and Mitch Rufer. They specialize in guiding new comers through their first comic con experience, finding the best prices and deals for costumes worn by various characters, and sharing stories as to why they are referred to as... "Mischievous" Еще
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Тэги : magazine · art · fun · mischief · costumes · cosplays