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INSPADES - Private Edition

Ghost of Oz Private Edition

Опубликовано в "Фотография, Фотография", язык - English. 20 страниц.
Ghost of Oz Private Edition Our Private edition to celebrate incredible Artists. Submit to become part of INSPADES Magazine Еще
Your very own Private Edition of INSPADES Magazine. Creative Soul Rebel To every artist, there is always a story behind both the artist and the art. For photographer and designer Fabiana Casco, her story is marked by both beautiful twists and frightening turns on the road to creating her stunning, evocative images and designs. Born in Buenos Aires in 1971, Casco grew up in rural Argentina. Living in the country, she developed a love of the surrounding flora and fauna, spending her days... Еще
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Тэги : photography · art · photomanipulation

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