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JapanUp! magazine

Jan 2020

Опубликовано в "Мир, Мир", язык - English. 44 страниц.
Do you like Japanese udon and soba noodles? Soup are made with Japanese authentic dashi stock, which is hearty and oil-free. So it loved by all-ages: babies to seniors. You can find various udon and soba in Los Angeles. Try one today! January issue also featuring Japanese hair salons. Their service and techniques are the best! Visit Japanese salon and enjoy relaxing time! Еще
JapanUp! magazine is a monthly free magazine published in Los Angeles, CA, introducing Japanese culture, trends, foods, and more. It includes information of Japan and Los Angeles. Еще
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Тэги : culture · travel · food · japan · rice · los angeles · restaurant · tea · language · dinner · hair salon · beer · sushi · japanese · kimono · kawaii · tokyo · noodles · ramen · sake · izakaya · kyaraben · bento · little tokyo · shoyu · yakiniku · oishii · udon · soba · wagashi · onigiri · taiko · shochu · wagyu

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