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KEITRE skateboards

5 years

Опубликовано в "Альтернативный, Город", язык - English. 48 страниц.
This is the digital version of the story-photo book about the first 5 years of KEITRE skateboards. The printed version was , a special gift to celebrate our 5 years anniversary , only for our online customers. In this "booklet" is enclosed our story from our first design to our last tour. Enjoy Еще
Keitre skateboards is an European skateboards company founded in 2014 by Luca Bartole with the design collaboration of Aleš Šimon @artcade (both skaters with 20 years of experience). In 2017 our friend Luka Mahne (true old school skater) joined our company as collaborant (co-owner) and team manager. Еще
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