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Maks & Mila®

November 2013

Опубликовано в "Семья и воспитание", язык - English. 16 страниц.
- The power of positive thinking and practical tips & tools to give this a place in your family; - Maks & Mila at School; - Unlocking dyslexia: sources and info! - Interview with award-winning author Braxton Cosby; - Interview with author, teacher and reading specialist Lorraine Carey; - Things Maks & Mila LOVE! - Maks & Mila YouTube channel and - How to explain Thanksgiving to your children? Recommendations and ideas. Еще
The Maks & Mila® Magazine is a wonderful addition to the unique Maks & Mila concept, which helps children, families and schools to focus on the positive and to share kindness. The concept empowers parents, teachers and children to feel happier and more confident on their journey through life and the magazine adds to that with practical tips, tools, ideas and inspiration! Happy reading everyone! Еще

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