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Medicine for the Soul January/February 2017

Опубликовано в "Религия и духовные практики", язык - English. 41 страниц.
In our first edition of the year you will find: an interview with spiritual musician Tina Malia, Prayer for Peace in Standing Rock & on Earth, get to know yogi Leslie Glickman, Chant4Change 2016, Hebrew Mantra of the month, words of Gratitude, Mystical Human movement exercises, herb medicine to heal flus & colds, food medicine to strengthen the body, an interview with Maryam Ovissi, Episode II of The Incredible Adventures of Xavier Hawk, how to turn grief into strength & more! Еще
Mannabliss Medicine for the Soul is a free publication that has been manifested as way to connect to our readers to the rich resources in the conscious and awakened community that is growing nationwide at lightning speed, as well as to share practices and knowledge with each other that assist us in our path of evolution and healing. Our hope is to create a space for every one of us to openly share the practices and techniques that heal us and connect us to the Divine. Еще
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