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Marketing Profiles 2018

Michael Fine _ Marketing Presentation

Опубликовано в "Лодочный спорт и авиация", язык - English. 19 страниц.
Although having success with originating loans, Michael still had a burning passion for boating and the turquoise waters of South Florida. Michael moved back in 2014 to be with his family and take a very special position with Denison Yachting. “This is a great company and I instantly feel like part of the family.” Michael is excited to continue making those relationships, one boating family at a time. Еще
Alex has played an important role in helping expand the company by establishing the Denison Yacht Charter Division, Mexico office, and Superyacht Division within the company with representation in Hong Kong, Monaco & the South of France. Pushing for growth in the 24m+ megayacht segment of the market, Alex has created numerous corporate partnerships throughout luxury markets that will prove to be extremely important as Denison continues its growth in both international & emerging markets. Еще
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