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Marriages 4 ever

, Vol. 1 Nov. 2013

Опубликовано в "Семья и воспитание, Здоровье и фитнес", язык - English. 18 страниц.
This first issue contains exciting articles, checklist, etc starting from -- an introduction to the book - Decoding Happy Marriages by Pankaj Verma & Bharaat Vyas. -Ask-The Counselor, - Checklist from Decoding Happy Marriages -how good is your rapport ? -Great marriages of history, - Why Lord Laxmi-Narayan are Role Models, - Why peace at home means productivity at work, -How to calm an angry spouse, and much more. -Aims of ' The Association for Happier Marriages', Еще
Marriages 4 ever is an online magazine on happier marriages which publishes articles, stories, talks, workshops etc. The aim of the magazine is to create awareness on how to happily live in a marriage. The magazine also includes relevant and practical tips, counseling and everything that promotes healthy marital relationship. Еще

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