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Museum of Sake Journal

Spring 2015

Опубликовано в "Вино и алкоголь, Вино и алкоголь", язык - English. 68 страниц.
The Museum of Sake Journal is a quarterly online publication on sake culture. From authentic hidden izakayas in Tokyo to trendy sake cocktail bars in London; from traditional half-century old sake makers in the countryside to up-and-coming sake micro-breweries in England, we will journey through the history, trends, regions and art of sake with many inspiring sake experts and enthusiasts from around the world. We hope you will enjoy reading the Museum of Sake Journal! Еще
The Museum of Sake is an intangible museum providing education and promotion of the craft of sake. Through our journal we aim to both enrich and extend the understanding and enjoyment of sake to a new audience both within Japan and across the wider world. For printed copies, please email Еще
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